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Playhard Heroes #3 Birch

Playhard Heroes #3 Birch

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Playhard Heroes Action Figure Series 1 Meet Birch #3: Highly adaptive and exceptionally resilient - just like his namesake, the Birch Tree. No matter what the super villains might throw his way, this green-machine will be able to handle it with ease. Birch gets his strength from within his heart and his superpower is quite unique - he has many layers to him and has a depth that makes him strong! He can overcome any challenge that comes his way. Built strong with superhero-worthy materials and packaged in an equally tough laser engraved wooden boxes (complete with chalkboard painted interiors), the Play Hard Hero Action Figures are a brilliant alternative to the tradition of plastic figures. Benefits: Exceptionally strong materials for lasting durability. Encourages creativity, imaginative play, and storytelling. Bring to life your own custom superhero story! Features: Wooden articulated action figure. Fully adjustable body connected by elastic strings and metal joints.



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