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Dollhouse Bonus Room

Dollhouse Bonus Room

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The Maileg Family has expanded so much that new space is necessary! Construction has just finished and now it's up to your own imagination to customize your new space. Make it into a garage, an extra room for friends, or a separate house of its own. The choice is your's to make!

Dollhouse Bonus Room is made of linden plywood, just like theĀ Maileg Dollhouse.

Size Guide:

Like theĀ Maileg DollhouseĀ the Bonus Room will fit allĀ miniĀ orĀ microĀ furniture and perfectly fits size 1 and 2Ā new bunnies and rabbits, as well asĀ Mini Bunnies,Ā Parent Mice,Ā Big BrotherĀ MiceĀ andĀ Big Sister MiceĀ (or smaller).

Sizing Note:

Just remember, Size 1 and 2 Bunnies (or mini bunnies) and Parent Mice will best fit mini sized furniture.
Micro-sized Big Brother and Big Sister Mice will best fit Micro furniture.



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